Our mission is to show contemporary art, design and performance using art as a universal language to connect and cultivate society by embracing different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds. 

We aspire to create an experience-driven platform that will foster collaboration of  those who pursue creativity and use imagination to materialise beyond the ordinary.


Our vision is to create an experience-driven pottage of creative disciplines, and increasing society’s interest in art and culture that would in its turn educate about arts and culture and stimulate creativity. We want to promote creativity as means of enriching people’s lives.


Inclusivity: We welcome different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds with compassion that allows us to achieve our mission and vision. 

Constant Improvement: Learning through best practices to achieve our goals, learning from every experience and individuals we come across.

Creativity: we value individuals who pursue their life in creativity, and strive to collaborate. An artist for us is not just a visual artist, but a musician, a designer, a dancer, a poet, or anybody that fosters their imagination to materialize something beyond the ordinary.

Sustainability: We strive to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Integrity in everything we do.



It was delightful working with Milica & Vladimir. Their modest approach  and patience I experienced professional. Their commitment to the art and artist is honest and carfull.


- Caro van der Pluijm,

CBK Rotterdam



An abandoned swimming pool (Het Beatrixbad, part of Oostelijk Zwembad in Kralingen) spoke to their mutual wish to rebel from the white box gallery space and bring art to the broader audience. Thanks to amazing support and financial funding from the Municipality of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) and The Rotterdam Centre of Visual Arts (Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam), The Living Pool was to be the first venture into organizing an art event from the ground up.


Encouraged by the phenomenal response from the funders, participants and visitors, Vladimir and Mila went to organize the second event – The Garden Project. More participating artists, more visitors, more exposure – it all yielded in more energy and will to go even further. The idea of building a Foundation was born.


The ever-present self-doubt that every artist is cursed with, commanded the creation of one more event that was to prove that they were on the right track. Living pool 2 was put together even faster and easier, thanks to the positive feedback from the artist that were eager to participate.


Armed with their educational and ancestral background and encouraged by the recent successes, Vladimir and Mila decided to set up the Pottage foundation.

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